Home Organics is a concept that was originally established in 2001, serving clients in the coastal regions of central and southern California, stretching from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica. Providing fresh, organic, home-grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables to homeowners and private chefs was the core focus of Home Organics. We designed gardens from the ground-up, building and installing raised beds, gardens, and fruit orchards.

Most of the success of our gardens was a result of careful planning, choosing appropriate zones within the landscape by locating or re-creating microclimate(s) on the property. Some of the properties in which these gardens were installed varied in size and location, and included small beach patios on the coast to acres upon acres of land away from the fog zone. Home Organics also provided on-going maintenance specifically for organic vegetable and herb gardens and orchards, using the best ecologically friendly practices that are safe to people, pets, and the environment.

Due to recent scares of harmful bacterial breakouts and the rising costs of produce, there have been many requests from new landscape clients to install vegetable gardens. We are happy to re-introduce Home Organics and offer these services to help you on your way to growing fresh, home-grown food. Bon appetite!




Our first meeting consists of gathering information and data about your site. We will take a look at your property and discuss possible zones within your landscape that are appropriate for your vegetable and herb garden. We can also discuss possible location(s) of fruit trees or orchards, as well, all depending on the microclimate(s) on your property.


All of our raised vegetable beds are custom designed and built according to our clients needs and available space. Our goal is to provide beds that are easily accessible, sturdy, and efficient. We always use non-treated (chemical-free) cedar or redwood planks, both known to last for many years, and treat it with linseed oil. Irrigation to and from your vegetable beds are also taken into consideration during the design and build stage, as well as proper soil and amendment.



We offer specialized maintenance for your vegetable and herb garden and/or orchards. Maintenance is available on a monthly or quarterly basis for those needing assistance in seasonal clean-up, planting of seedlings, harvesting, irrigation repair, composting, disease and pest management, etc. And as always, we are always available for on-site consultation if you just need a push in the right direction.