Channel Islands Landscape and Design is proud to offer Landscape Consulting / Coaching on an hourly basis.

This service is recommended for clients who are already gardeners themselves or DIY (do-it-yourself) homeowners who need guidance on just about anything from a new landscape project to specific zones that need attention.

If you are looking for horticultural expertise or need perspective from an artist’s eye — and it is not necessary to submit a landscape plan to your landscape contractor or Home Owner’s Association — our Consulting and Coaching services may be just what you need. Our consultation sessions can be customized to suit your individual needs and budget, as every landscape project is unique.

CONSULTING | COACHING SERVICES may include, but is not limited to the following:

Analysis of existing on-site and immediate off-site conditions

•Design issues: placement, flow and function of different zones (location of pathways, sitting areas, entertainment patios, outdoor kitchens, veggie gardens, etc.)

•Design issues: aesthetic guidance and inspiration (selecting a themed landscape, color palette, water feature selection, furniture selection, garden art, etc.)

•Staging: appropriate and efficient design suggestions for enhancement and curb appeal for realtors, real estate investors, builders, sellers

•Suggestion(s) for demo and prep work of existing landscape areas

•Analysis and suggestion(s) for water efficiency, irrigation and drainage issues

•Analysis and suggestion(s) for soil, amendment, and fertilizer treatment

•Analysis and suggestion(s) for plant pests, disease, and treatment

•Analysis and suggestion(s) for electrical issues, lighting, automatic timers

•Suggestion(s) of hardscape and/or plant material as appropriate for individual landscape area(s)

•Suggestion(s) for maintenance program

•Purchasing and spotting (placement) of plant specimens in their appropriate locations

•Customized Plant Portfolio with photos identifying plants, and listing Botanical and Common Names, followed by cultural information (i.e., sun, water, soil requirements, etc.)

•List of recommended products, vendors, nurseries, etc.