Every time I imagine a garden in an architectural setting, it turns into a magical place. I think of gardens I have seen, that I believe I have seen, that I long to see, surrounded by simple walls, columns, arcades or the facades of buildings - sheltered places of great intimacy where I want to stay for a long time.
— Peter Zumthor

Welcome to Channel Islands Landscape & Design, serving clients on the beautiful coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. With a combined experience of over 25 years in Horticulture, Art + Design, and Environmental Education, we strive to provide quality services that will result in a unique, yet efficient landscape.

We pride ourselves in being Water-Saving Specialists and encourage our clients in creating Sustainable Habitats that can conserve resources for the long-term.

Specializing in Themed Landscapes, and customizing our services to meet the individual needs of our clients, our focus is to create unity and flow between hardscape and planting to ensure a harmonious balance between form, function, and aesthetics.

Serving Residential / Commercial / Real Estate Investors / General Contractors

• Environmental Restoration Projects / Environmental Consulting Groups

• Custom Organic Vegetable and Herb Gardens

• California Native Landscapes / Xeriscapes / Drought-Tolerant Gardens

• Ocean-Friendly Gardens

• Firescaping / Fire-Wise Gardens

• Mediterranean Gardens / Sub-Tropical Inspired Gardens

• Japanese Inspired / Zen / Meditation Gardens… AND OTHER SPECIALTY THEMES