Landscape Staging is essentially a minimum and cost-effective investment that has proven to help realty properties sell in a shorter period of time, including properties in the foreclosure market. Staging is ideal for realtors and sellers (bank or individual) looking for curb appeal that is attractive to prospective buyers and investors.

Exterior Landscape Staging — equally important as Interior Home Staging, which brings a sense of warmth and comfort to a home — attracts potential buyers to property that is bright and inviting, rather than dark and abandoned. Staging not only raises the value of the home, but also helps accentuate the best features of that property, while minimizing its weaknesses. This means less time on the market, and more money in your pocket.


Meet-and-greet with client. Discuss budget, timeline, and desired outcome and goals to sell property. We will do a general site analysis and discuss what features of the existing landscape need to be maximized and which ones need to be minimized.

LANDSCAPE STAGING tasks may include, but is not limited to the following:

Demo and Clean-up


•Planting of Focal Trees or Shrubs

•Color Changes of Seasonal Annuals or Perennials

•Accent Lighting Near Entryway for evening hours

•Fresh Sod

•Replenish Mulch

•Repair and Clear Pathways

•Exterior Design: Landscape Decor, Art, Furniture, Pottery, etc.